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Aling Grace

posted Apr 6, 2013, 10:04 PM by Paulo Tibig   [ updated Apr 6, 2013, 10:06 PM ]
I was able to meet and talked with Aling Grace after our lunch here in talipapa.
She used to have her stall inside and sell gulay and prutas,
but recently, she shifted to selling turon, banana, kamote que and sa malamig. 
Asked her ano ang reason bakit nag-iba siya ng paninda, she gave me the following:

1. Tourists local/foreign is steadily increasing year on year.
2. No one inside talipapa sells the same.
3. Mas malaki daw ang kita! 

Believe me, with P500 capital daily, she earns P2000! not bad, really not bad!

Keypoints here mga ka-entrepchamp - aling grace is a serial entrepreneur who has the ability to "spot very good opportunity" she seized it and is now doing well.

Another one, and this validates that " Vibrant Tourism Industry" is key to economic prosperity. more tourists means more job. more job means more  purchases, more purchases means more production and industries.

Ilan pang aling grace ang gusto natin? sana marami pa.

In the next few days election na, I hope we  get involved.lets choose the right individual who will further the growth of tourism and negosyo in our country.

This i see in DICK GORDON, he have done so many good things for our country- his WOW Philippines campaign have set the tone to our tourism rise,not to mention how subic have become an economic center.his red cross involvement for so many years is unparalleled.

These are just some of his notable accomplishments.

We want more Aling Grace,more investors , more  industries and more entrepreneurs.

 I'm sure he will help us out.

Am i sounding political? Just doing my share for all Filipinos, because I love our country.

How about you?:)