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Entrep Champ Paulo Tibig’s Big Boss Summit

posted Nov 25, 2013, 7:03 PM by Paulo Tibig   [ updated Nov 25, 2013, 7:10 PM ]
Entrep Champ Paulo Tibig’s Big Boss Summit feat. our Esteemed Entrepreneurs: Chinkee Tan, Boris Joaquin, Randell Tiongson, Ardy Roberto, RJ Ledesma etc.

When in Manila, what would you rather be ‘an eternal employee’ or an ‘entrepreneurial success’? Hope we could answer that clearly, at least for ourselves. So, this is exactly what the ‘BIG BOSS SUMMIT’ is all about. It is about how to be an a ‘champion entrepreneur’ or simply have the guts to win or start your business.

o here is an exciting gathering for you, ‘Be The Big Boss Summit: Strategies of a Champion Entrepreneur’. This summit was initiated by the ‘Entrep Champ’ himself, Paulo Tibig. Paulo is an unassuming guy from Bataan, who is winning on entrepreneur or business. Paulo, I believe is very successful in his chosen field by simply reading about him in anyway I can. But, what’s unique about Paulo is that he is so approachable, humble, very generous on his ideas and have a teaching gift to empower his fellow ‘kababayan’ towards entrepreneurial success. Just knowing and meeting Paulo briefly, will attract you to his personality. He simply learned business from pit to pinnacle, from scratch to completion, or should I say not-only-from-theory but from all-practice.

So here we were, in a gathering to hear Paulo Tibig to share the strategies of a champion entrepreneur. You can quote him saying ‘There’s no shortcut to entrepreneurial success’. Indeed, this is a game-changer for those aspiring and existing entrepreneurs alike.

The whole thrill of learning was opened by videos, introducing the life of Paulo and perspectives on the Philippine economy. Indeed, the future is bright for the Philippines. The Philippine economy is now on the rise, with positive forecast from investors, economist and foreign experts. There’s a rising confidence that our economy will do well in the future and even leading the growth in Asia and even the world. The economy is good, growth is sustainable. Business is booming and some comments on the video can make you cry.

Add to that fact, there’s a growing sense of doing business and entrepreneurship in the country. More and more people want to start their businesses or their negosyo. So yes, the future is bright. Just simply don’t believe the nay-sayers. Gotcha there!