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posted Jan 30, 2013, 6:47 PM by Paulo Tibig   [ updated Nov 25, 2013, 6:56 PM ]
Brand new year, brand new plans and somehow, a renewed hope to make things better.

While 2012 cemented my commitment to entrepreneurship since launching my book, Strategies of a Champion Entrepreneur last September 26, 2012; I see 2013 as the year where I continue to help build more roads for those who want to make an impact in their chosen line of business. And I intend to do just that.

A few weeks into the new year, I was invited to share my thoughts on radio and TV for both Kapamilya and Kapatid programs with one common topic – “Promising o patok na negosyo for 2013” (which I think was a great way to “pave” the roadmap I have set for the year).

For those who have missed it, I’d like to share my fearless forecast on the Top 5 Promising Negosyo for the year 2013.

A guide of sorts for those who are planning to put up a business or for those who want to expand and diversify their existing ventures.

Just like my book, my views and thoughts on this topic are very personal and based on my own entrepreneurial instinct.


jolly jeep

1. CONVENIENCE Concept  because people are too busy, they want "easy access" to everything. 

This concept has been in the country for as long as I can remember but remains to be unexplored. The “jolly-jeep” along the busy streets of Makati and Ortigas (Central Business District) is one good example.

This year, don’t be surprised if you see a mobile salon/parlor, a mobile diagnostic laboratory (imagine the med tech visiting you at your house for blood extraction) or a mobile cargo acceptance where your package is weighed on-site and processed instantly for faster shipping.

2. RETAIL HOPPERS  If you are a retailer of food, clothing or knick-knacks and whatnots, now you have more venue to sell your wares day in and day out; Check selling opportunities at weekend markets, nightly food stalls, bazaars and even warehouse and company sales.

3. TOURISM-related business – With the boom of low-budget airfare, Filipinos now have included travelling in their annual savings list. Exploring the country first is definitely the top priority and this will definitely help the economy in general with the hospitality sector as the number one beneficiary.

Start young: Kiddie entreps at Rotary Club 3830 last Novomber 17, 2012 at Parañaque City.

Try tourism related negosyos from transportation, accommodation and service-oriented offerings like spa, tour-guide services and giving tourists the local food experience.

(Tip: Most often than not, tourists would visit the local market to get a good feel of a region’s culture).

4. SPORTS-related business – Exercise your entrepreneurial skills by venturing into sports-related business concepts. Now more than ever, Filipinos are driven by the fitness craze, using sports as a way to get fit. From weekend running around the city, trail marathons to playing football (an unfamiliar sport until the Azkals came into the picture).

5. E-commerce – Convenient for both entrepreneur and buyer with minimal capitalization. Perfect for stay-at home moms, manage your business within the confines of your home. Talk about work-life balance!

So you see, marami tayong pwedeng maging negosyo, I still have so much in mind, but this might result to “business opportunity overload”.

What’s important is to start your entrepreneurial journey now. Who knows you might soon be the next Entrepchamp!

To help you plan better, get a copy of my book “Strategies of a Champion Entrepreneur”, the book is all about 10 proven guidelines to your entrepreneurial journey towards success. You will learn strategies that have worked for me and other champion entrepreneurs in the country.


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