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posted Jan 4, 2015, 3:35 AM by Paulo Tibig

After the celebrations last night,most of us right now are looking and anticipating a very good year ahead.

Allow me to share with you my 2014 personal thoughts.

First for my professional undertaking, it was really an unprecedented and a great year for Vcargo- we were honored to be recognized by the following:

1.Asean Business Awards Philippines Young Entrepreneur category- this is the 1st in the country. an unexpected recognition, given that we were competing with the countrys foremost companies. btw, baka magtaka kayo why this category,baka nire-define na nila ibig sabihin ng "young"

It was chaired by Mr.Manny Pangilinan and no less than Pres.Aquino handed the trophy.

2.Phil.Marketing Assoc.-Agora Awards- winning as Outstanding Entrepreneur - Medium Scale Enterprise- this is one prestigious award that most companies in the country wants to have.

3.Most Admired Asean Enterprise-Young Entrepreneur -Runner Up

This is really something, as one of the 6 winners in the Philippines search,we represented the country in Myanmar and have competed against the best in the Asean region. (hindi ko pa pala nai-post ito:)

It recognizes successful businesses in the region, and underscores readiness of Asean enterprises for this year's Integration.

Why these are all significant? were celebrating a milestone-our 15th year in the business, truly a blessed year:)

It was not just rosy,as we were faced with a lot of operational and financial 
Challenges along the way. But, like in any sports game, planning, strategizing and getting your team in the thick of the fight will make you win. Thankful that I have a very good, competent key heads.

On my speaking career,2014 gave me the opportunity to reach thousands of Filipinos from all over the country and to some parts of the world.

Expect that this year there will be more engagements,so watch out!

im so flattered that my best selling book "strategies of a champion entrepreneur" have helped a lot already and continues to inspire thousands more.  The motivation,inspiration and the "jolog,corny" jokes will continue dont worry!:)

I cannot do all this without the support of my loved ones and families, so thankful to have them.

Im sure,for most of us,2015 brings a lot of positivity,hope and expectations. whatever your plans for this year just "work on it" it may not not be as easy as we envision it,there will be roadblocks ahead, just go on- push mo yan te!! after all, i always believe that theres a "Champion in all of us" we just need to unlock it.

Whatever the result may be,lets always be thankful to our dear Lord,lagi tayong magpasalamat sa lahat,lahat.
theres really so much to be thankful.

Thank you everyone!

Sa inyong lahat, Happy New Year and may we all have a wonderful year ahead!!! mwah,mwah:)