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Winning in Tradeshows

posted May 29, 2014, 12:03 AM by Paulo Tibig   [ updated May 29, 2014, 12:15 AM ]

Have the chance to speak with business owners,key heads, marketing managers and franchise

officers yesterday in AFFI organized event for exhibitors.

And was not surprise to hear almost the same problem when joining trade events/shows/fairs.

Proper plan, bring in lots of opportunities and results.

Sharing with you, what I have discussed based on my company's experience.

Like in any sports a pre-game planning is vital the same when joining, consider the following:

- Clearly define your objectives

- Generate leads

- Increase sales

- Promote products/service

- Is it brand visibility? 

- Want to know the latest trends or check competitor insights 

- Network with new and existing customers.

- Select and reject- appropriate events only for your product/service

- BOI or ROI- branding only investment or return on investment?

- Key product/service only- clear message what you want to promote or sell, hindi dapat lahat!

- Head turner booth - has to be enticing and interesting

- Battle ready frontliners- your team should be equipped,well trained and knowledgeable gametime

- Man the booth not the food- hindi puro sampling and freebies ang priority dapat!

- Build traffic thru btl - below the line event initiatives

- Shorten the inquiry phase- you need to talk to more prospects

- Complete merchandising- to support your participation from brochures,biz cards visuals etc...

Post game:

- Follow up aqap (as quick as possible) seize the momentum

- Track and monitor- based on your measure and kpi

- Post evaluation- 1st phase- after the event 2nd phase on your biz review

I hope this can help you. Do not waste resources, time and effort.

at the end,pls remember "Peso spent = Peso return"