Paulo communicates to a diverse audience in his talks and speaking engagements. He often speaks in corporate seminars, public seminars, and other related entrepreneurship forum & workshops all over the country.
Thousands have listened to him, from aspiring & existing entrepreneurs, students, private & government employees, OFWís, retirees & even grade school children. 

He is known for conducting  EXPERIENTIAL, ENGAGING &  EDUCATIONAL talks & seminars with practical approach in a fun learning way.
         · Products & Services Launch
         · Sales Rallies & Convention
         · Franchise Conference
         · HR Employee Relations e.g. Outplacement Seminars
         · Corporate Entrepreneurship:
           Creating Growth Within the Organization
         · Business & Technology Module
         · Doing Business in TOUGH TIMES
         · First Moment of Truth
         · Marketing that Works
         · Keys to Successful Franchise Business   
         · Driving SME to Growth
  · Discovering your Entrepreneurial Potential
  · Spotting that next BIG Business Opportunity
  · The BIG SHIFT: Employee to Entrepreneur
  · Am I an Entrepreneur?
  · Winning in Entrepreneurship:
    Strategic Approach to Negosyo Venture
  · Start My Enterprise (SME module)
  · The Complete Course on Entrepreneurship
  · Winning MSME
  · The Essentials of Franchising
  · Winning in Franchising: The complete guide